FIXOR™ Binary Explosive is a patented two component explosive kit, based on a flammable liquid. It has been designed to replace the use of plastic explosives and block TNT as traditional demining and UXO explosive charges. Unlike ammonium nitrate based binary explosives and traditional explosives, FIXOR™ Binary Explosive can be transported around the world by any method. FIXOR™ Liquid can be treated as cargo formally booked on commercial passenger aircrafts. This makes FIXOR™ Binary Explosive rapidly available to those pre-qualified customers who require safe, secure, single-purpose, demolition explosives throughout the world.

FIXOR™ Binary Explosive self neutralizes after a period of time, becoming a non-explosive. This unique characteristic of FIXOR™ Binary Explosive is very important to those customers concerned with the proliferation of explosives based terrorist devices.

FIXOR™ Binary Explosive is in operational use in many landmine affected countries and has been proven effective at destroying a large variety of anti-personnel and anti-tank landmines as well as unexploded ordnance (UXO).

FIXOR™ Binary Explosive is also the driving explosive behind all of MREL’s Tactical Disrupters and it is provided with each Tactical Disrupter at no additional expense.


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